Conditions Bauma 2016


In addition to providing an accommodation service, we can also advise on a leisure programme for you and/or your guests during your stay in Munich.

For example, we can book tickets for the theatre or opera, make reservations in restaurants, organise excursions and transfers and plan/run any ancillary events you might wish to put on.

We would be happy to help you – please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.


Booking conditions

All the rooms offered in the hotels have a bath and/or shower, and a WC. The only exceptions to this are a few bed-and-breakfast establishments (see the individual descriptions for details).

The prices quoted are in EUROs, per night and room; the price includes 7% VAT; breakfast 19% VAT. If any changes are made to the VAT rate, prices will be adjusted accordingly.

The room prices quoted always include breakfast or a breakfast buffet.

The distances quoted are based on information provided by the hotels; Messehotel24 can accept no liability for the accuracy of this information.

In each case, the respective terms and conditions of the individual hotels shall apply; Messehotel24 acts in an intermediary capacity only.

Reservations, changes and/or cancellations can only be accepted in writing. If a booking is made in advance by telephone, written confirmation of the booking request must follow within 2 hours of the telephone booking, otherwise the reservation that is being held will elapse.

After Messehotel24 receives the booking/reservation, it sends you confirmation, together with the invoice for the entire reservation.

An advance payment of €30 per booked room is invoiced for immediate payment. The remainder is payable by the payment date fixed by the booked hotel; this date is quoted on the overall invoice.

If the advance payment of €30 per booked room does not reach the account of Messehotel24 within 20 days of the invoice date, the entire reservation will be cancelled. 

The same applies if the remaining payment is not credited to the account of Messehotel24 at the latest by the last payment date fixed by the hotel (quoted in the invoice). In this case an additional processing charge of €30 per room will also be made.

All remittances to the account of Messehotel24 must be without charge of any kind (no bank charges); if charges are levied, these will be charged back again to the customer. When making bank transfers from countries in the EURO zone, it is essential to quote the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC references given on the invoices. Invoices to recipients outside the EURO zone are subject to an additional charge of €10 to cover bank charges.

For any changes made to a booking after confirmation, Messehotel24 charges a processing fee of €30 per changed room.

Incidental costs of any kind incurred (e.g. telephone, minibar, restaurant, parking etc.) must be paid directly to the hotel before departure. Messehotel24 accepts no liability for non-payment.

All reservations are made in the name of the company making the booking. This means that right up until the day of arrival, companies can, if required, switch the employees designated to take the rooms. If a particular hotel requires the name/s of the employee/s that will be taking the room/s, we will mention this explicitly on the invoice. Only about 4 to 5 days before BAUMA starts do the hotels receive a room list from Messehotel24 with the names of the companies that have booked. So, once you have placed your booking with Messehotel24, please refrain from contacting the hotels with any queries, because they will not know anything about your booking until shortly before the fair starts. Messehotel24 has its own room contingencies at the hotels.

Companies may not make reservations on behalf of another company; orders must be placed by the company that will be paying the invoice. In the past there have been difficulties with payment due to companies claiming they did not make the reservation. 



If a room booking that has been confirmed by us is cancelled, Messehotel24 makes a cancellation charge of €30 per cancelled room (inclusive 19% VAT).

In addition there may be a fee for non-occupied beds charged by the hotel; this can be up to 100% of the room price if the date of the cancellation falls after the last date for cancellations laid down by the hotel.

If a booking is made after the last date for cancellations, the reservation may not subsequently be cancelled, unless Messehotel24 or the hotel itself can otherwise sell the room/s.

If a booking is made after the last payment date of the booked hotel, the reservation may not subsequently be cancelled and has to be paid immediately. A credit note/reimbursement, minus a processing fee of €30 per room, can only be effected if the cancelled room is resold, or if applicable, after the end of BAUMA and after final invoicing with the hotel. The booking company is at liberty to try and find a taker for the rooms they cancel, but this does not release the booking company from the obligation to pay Messehotel24 for the cancelled room(s). 

In its contractual agreements with the hotels, Messehotel24 has undertaken a significant financial commitment, and as a rule the hotels will cancel all reservations if payments are not credited to their accounts by the agreed date of payment. The conditions laid down by the Munich hotels are very tough at trade fairs like BAUMA and it can be expected that cancellation and payment conditions will be strictly adhered to.